The Success Strategies

  1. Use the body language of success!

  2. Make eye contact when you speak to others!

  3. Smile at everyone you see!

  4. Call people by name!

  5. Tune in to others and really listen!

  6. Follow the Golden Rule!

  7. Be proud of the words you choose to speak!

  8. Take pride in how you look each day!

  9. Show up and be on time!

  10. See beyond today!

  11. Take a sincere interest in others!

  12. Appreciate differences!

  13. Value and affirm others!

  14. Develop a positive attitude about everything!

  15. Read success books!

  16. Collect character quotes and success strategies!

  17. Strive to be both smart and good!

  18. Develop self-direction!

  19. Aim high!

  20. Be a goal setter!

  21. Do one thing each day to help you achieve your goals!

  22. Dream big; work hard!

  23. Exercise self-control!

  24. Believe in yourself!

  25. Think and act like a winner!  Nature will take its course.

  26. Come out of your shell!

  27. Be remarkable!

  28. Take no shortcuts!

  29. Dream, plan, build!

  30. Cultivate character and confidence!

  31. Autograph your work with excellence!  Make it a masterpiece!

  32. Turn the pages!

  33. Take good notes and live by them!

  34. Do your homework!

  35. Develop a strong work ethic!

  36. Keep a full tank!

  37. Chart and change your course!

  38. Encourage and uplift others!

  39. Ask for and accept help!

  40. Look for the message of each new day!

  41. Pay attention!

  42. Give thought!

  43. Ask questions!

  44. Don’t do what’s easy; do what’s right!

  45. Give effort, not excuses!

  46. Do small things to make a big difference!

  47. Stand up—stand out!

  1. Think for yourself! 

  2. Look for the best in others—and in yourself!

  3. Fall in love with learning! 

  4. Be prepared! 

  5. Look up! 

  6. Cultivate good habits! 

  7. Get organized and stay that way! 

  8. Create an upward spiral!

  9. Be positive about saying no!

  10. Go deep!

  11. Push open doors of opportunity!

  12. Try, try, and try again! 

  13. Don’t forget to daydream! 

  14. Begin again! 

  15. Give yourself a pep talk! 

  16. Find another way! 

  17. Be gentle! 

  18. Make healthy choices each day! 

  19. Exercise your mind and body! 

  20. Participate enthusiastically! 

  21. Go the extra mile! 

  22. Make time! 

  23. Wear out a doorstep! 

  24. Follow your heart! 

  25. Respond with respect! 

  26. Forgive and forget!

  27. Be a joyful giver!

  28. Always tell the truth; always keep your word!

  29. Share your joy!

  30. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude!

  31. Learn to laugh!

  32. Practice good manners!

  33. Choose positive, uplifting friends!

  34. Don’t give in to gossip!

  35. Give others the benefit of the doubt!

  36. Give and take second chances!

  37. Do a good deed each day!

  38. Play nice!

  39. Honor the rules!

  40. Watch and listen; listen and watch!

  41. Make no small plans!

  42. Be a risk taker!

  43. Dive in!

  44. Establish priorities!

  45. Use your time wisely!

  46. Keep score; seek balance!

  47. Step up to the plate!

  48. Face your fears!

  49. Learn from your mistakes!

  50. Bounce back!

  51. Contribute for the common good!

  52. Enjoy the journey!

Success Strategy #53

Cultivate good habits!


Harvard and Stanford research tells us that 90% to 95% of what we do each day is attributed to habit.  Those are powerful statistics.  Surely, they are numbers that we should take to heart.  


Building good habits is a noble ambition and a very smart move.  Ben Franklin taught that it takes thirty days to cultivate a habit.  Step by deliberate step, we should work to develop habits that will serve us well in school and in life.  


The happiness habit, the listening habit, the homework habit, the on-time habit, the responsibility habit, and the excellence-in-all-things habit-- are all worthy goals.  The earlier in life we start cultivating good habits, the easier our lives will be.  These positive habits will help us to live the good life.


Start now to begin building a foundation of good character.  Intentionally decide on and cultivate good habits.  You will love living a successful life on life's high road!

Success Strategy #62

Give yourself a pep talk!


Let's face it.  We all talk to ourselves.  Each day we put into our minds hundreds of messages. Some of those messages are negative, like I can't do anything right or Nobody likes me.  The good news is, we can choose to put positive messages into our minds-- like If I study, I can do well on this test or I will be kind so that I will make good friends.  The choice is up to us.


Each day, give yourself a pep talk.  Be like a good coach and believe in yourself, encourage yourself, and cheer yourself on!  What should you say when you talk to yourself?  Say something positive.  It will change you in wonderful ways!

Success Strategy #1

Use the body language of success!


Successful people look and act differently from everyone else.  They hold their heads up high; they sit up straight.  They have perfect posture.  They are comfortable with themselves, and they air a certain confidence.  They look others in the eye and smile.


In order to be successful, start acting the part.  Practice your posture.  Sit up straight at your desk; hold your head up high.  Pay attention in class and at work, and look right at the teacher or speaker.  Show confidence in yourself, your learning, and your performance.  Offer others a pleasant smile.


Before long, good posture will become second nature.  You will practice your way into perfection with positive body language that tells the world that you are on your way to a successful future!

Success Strategy #13 

Value and affirm others!


Research tells us that the deepest need in human nature is the need to be noticed, needed, valued, and affirmed.  It's a good thing to know and remember when dealing with other people. Give others what they need, and they will return the deed in kind.


Take time each day to notice others-- and to give them sincere and honest compliments.  This will help to build the confidence of others, and it will help us to become kind and caring people. Honest and sincere affirmations are wonderful ways to spread kindness around the earth.  Joy will spread like ripples in a pond!  Sincere compliments make the world a more positive placce.

Success Strategy #2

Make eye contact when you speak to others!


Looking at others when you speak to them is a sign of respect.  Successful people go beyond just looking at someone to making eye contact.  This shows others your sincere interest in them.   It helps form connections and often is the start of a positive relationship.


So, whether you are talking to your parents, your teachers, your boss, your colleagues, your friends, or a new acquaintance-- make eye contact.  It is a positive way to set you apart from the crowd.  it will definitely set you sailing on the seas of excellence!

Success Strategy #22

Dream big; work hard!


The world is changing.  It is now a global market.  If you are to succeed in the world, you must expand your horizons.  Adopt a world-view, and begin your life of hard work.  It's fun and exciting to achieve great things!  Dream big; work hard.  You will love what happens next!

Success Strategy #3

Smile at everyone you see!


A smile is the best thing you can wear each day.  It is also a gift that you can give to the world.  A smile is your way of communicating to everyone what you have on the inside.  If you are filled with goodness, greatness, kindness, and confidence-- it will show through in your smile.  Only sour people keep their smiles away from the world.


People who smile are like magnets.  They naturally draw other people to them.  It is splendid to be around and to interact with smiling, happy people.  Their joy for life is contagious!  Their smile stays with you as you go through your day, making a long-lasting impression.


Remember to wear your smile each day.  The more you smile, the easier and more natural it will become.  It might turn out to be one of the best habits you develop in your lifetime!

Success Strategy #94

Step up to the plate!


In the ballgames of life, we all get our turn at bat.  And when we do, we usually try to swing for the fence.  Sometimes we strike out, and sometimes we get a hit.  And if all goes well in the game, we score!


Many times in life, we have to stare down a tough opponent.  We sit in the dugout with sweaty palms, waiting our turn at bat.  We watch as the opposing pitcher strikes out batter after batter.  We feel ready to head for the locker room.


We need to dig down deeply within ourselves and find the courage to step up to the plate.  We need to stare the opposition in the face and take a swing at the pitch.  We need to try.


Being responsible means stepping up to the plate in life.  Don't slack off.  Look fear in the face and try anyway.  Take the bat and give it your best swing.  With each time at bat, you'll grow confidence and character.  When you hear the crack of your bat, you will know that you are well on your way to a successful future!

Success Strategy #5

Tune in to others and really listen!


Have you ever had a friend who really listened to you?  They didn't just hear you; they listened to understand what you were trying to say.  That's what real friends do-- they listen.  That is also what good students do.  They listen, and learn.  Good listening is a sign of respect.  Good listeners make eye contact.  They look right at the teacher, colleague, or friend as they listen.  So, work hard each day to become a good listener.  It's a smart choice you can make on the road to success!

Success Strategy #29

Dream, plan, build!


First, comes the dream.  From that, an architect always develops the blueprint and plan.  And from that plan comes the hard work.  Beginning with a well thought-out plan is the surest way to ensure a successful build.


What do you want in your future?  What success do you hope to achieve?


Now is the time to start dreaming, planning, and building.  Failing to plan is like planning to fail.  Give thought to your plan; revise it; and revise again.  Fine tuning your plan will lead to getting it just right.  Remember that you are building for the future.  Like the third little pig in the fairy tale, plan well and build strong.  Make your future so successful, secure, and strong that not even the big, bad wolf can blow it down!