"Timeless wisdom, profoundly simple, aimed straight at our hearts.  This gem of a book will... awaken the best within you."


- Dr. Denis Waitley

Author, Seeds of Greatness

"What nice lessons for everyone... a huge inspiration...!"


- Steve Wariner

Award winning musician, singer, songwriter,                            

and member of The Grand Ole Opry

"Truly excellent stories from a respected teacher!"


- Gaston Caperton

Fellow, Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government

Governor, West Virginia 1989-1997

"Lessons from the Rocking Chair is a great book about character, wisdom, and Deb's family and friends.  I think Deb is a great writer and teacher."


- Beth Roberts, age 9

former student

"This book is a real treasure.  I found myself laughing through one story and crying through the next.  While reading the wisdom passed down in Deb's family, I heard my own mother's voice once again."


- Jane Roberts

Elementary School Principal

Saint Albans, West Virginia

""This is the most comprehensive book on character development available and by a teacher who knows first-hand how to build character in students.  A gold mine of ideas, resources, and how-to's!"


- Michael Mitchell

Executive Director, The Power of Positive Students International Foundation

"Deb Brown is a fantastic teacher, a great storyteller, and a wonderful writer.  She's also one of the real pioneers in character education-- she's been successfully practicing it for years.  Now she shares her warmth, wisdom, and practical strategies with others.  They're sure to enhance the lives of teachers, parents, and kids.  What a valuable resource!"


- Hal Urban

Author, Life's Greatest Lessons

"This is a book that belongs on your bedside table, in your briefcase, with your best friend, and on your bookshelf.  It is beautifully written and offers beneficial lessons on living."


- B. David Brooks

Author, Lessons in Character

Young People's Press

"In Lessons from the Beach Chair, Deb Brown shares two of her passions-- her love for the sea and her commitment to the character message.  This sensitive, caring teacher invites us to look beyond the obvious and find meaning and joy in simple wonders.  This book-- like that special shell found early in the morning-- is truly a treasure."


- Dr. Helen LeGette

Administrator Emeritus

Burlington City Schools, North Carolina

"Deb Brown is a phenomenal teacher.  Like all the great ones, Deb's success begins with her heart and love for children.  She calls it the character message, but it is really love and hope for the children whose lives she shares.  In her wonderful books, Deb shares her stories and strategies for enveloping children in that same love and hope, giving us as teachers hope for the children in our own classrooms."


- Charlie Abourjilie

Middle School Teacher, Coach, and Author

Greensboro, North Carolina

"Deb Brown has a long history of integrating important character concepts into her classroom, believing that learning to read and learning to do the right thing go hand in hand."


- Jane Hoskins Roberts

Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Education

Kanawha County Schools, West Virginia

"With the help of my friend, Deb Brown, I have learned to listen to my students and to capture every moment to instill goodness in all of them.  What a joy it is to watch students grow academically and grow in character, as well!  Ending each school day with a character sharing time provides my students time to appreciate, respect and care about their classmates."


- Chris Ketterly

Teacher, Principal

Alban Elementary

Saint Albans, West Virginia

"These lessons are wonderful!  I'm going to have my children read this book so that they know what life is all about."


- Brent McKinney

Lexington, South Carolina

"Whether you are sitting with Maw Great in that old rocking chair or strolling down the sandy beach, Deb's character lessons will bring comfort, healing, wisdom, and a new sense of direction to your life."


- Lois Stokes

Counselor/Character Education Facilitator

Spartanburg, South Carolina

"Deb's books are inspirational.  As a teacher, I was able to pull many ideas and quotes to use in my classroom.  I recommend her books to readers who want to sit back, relax, and enjoy good literature."


- Jo Richey

Second grade teacher

Spartanburg, South Carolina

"I laughed, cried... and was touched... and so much enjoyed reading this beautiful book."


- Kathryn Ross

Pensacola, Florida