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Doak Turner, Positive Thinker and Nashville Songwriter

Coming Full Circle


In 1982, I started reading positive books such as The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale, The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill-- which led to other books by Zig Ziglar, Denis Waitley, Les Brown, Robert Schuller, and Anthony Robbins.  I read their words; I listened to their audio tapes; and I lived the messages.  Those books completely changed my life and helped me to develop confidence and to set goals.  Because I believed that I could achieve my goals-- I moved on to experience successful careers in media sales, sports marketing, and the music industry in Charleston (WV), Charlotte (NC), and Nashville (TN).


Deb Austin Brown and I became acquainted in the 1970s in our hometown of Saint Albans (WV) when I started spending time at the Austin household with her brothers and sisters.  In February 1991, I invited Deb to come to my Lake Norman (NC) condo for the weekend.  On Friday we went to see a professional basketball game; on Saturday we went sailing on the lake; and on Sunday I showed her my bookcase of positive books.  I remember asking Deb that important question: Deb, why do they not teach positive thinking in schools?  Little did I know that my question would begin to guide Deb in her own career.  As a result, Deb began reading those same books and teaching the principles in those great books to her hundreds of students.  Over the next nineteen years, thousands of lives would change!


After reading those positive books, one of my new goals was to see those books in classrooms and schools.  Because of Deb, that goal has been achieved.  Now, in my hometown-- and soon in schools around the country and world-- the positive messages will begin to change lives in incredible ways.  Deb became a messenger for my goal, and I am proud that she stayed the course to complete this book that will also change lives.  I have learned that you never know how much you can influence people simply by offering encouragement or by asking a positive question.  I planted a seed with Deb, and it grew in remarkable ways.


My positive thinking, reading, listening, and learning have led me to living a dream, writing songs, and composing websites in the music business.  Three of my songs were written to inspire people on their life journeys.  You can listen to them on my website at

  • Run With Your Dream (co-written with Gary Pickus and sung by Steven McClintock)
  • What Might Have Been (co-written with and sung by Ryan Bizarri)
  • Fire and Steel (co-written with and sung by Jenny Goforth)

Run with your dream!


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  • Native of Saint Albans, West Virginia
  • Son of Betty and Jerry Goff
  • Brother of Jason Goff and Kara Goff Barnette
  • Nashville songwriter
  • Owner of three music business websites
  • Hosted a monthly event for Nashville songwriters-- 3rd Sunday at 3 (2003-2013)
  • Loves the journey of life, music, and my great friends and family!