Success Project

The Fifth Annual Success Project Was Remarkable!

Eleven Students Gave Remarkable Presentations on Success Night 2012!


These dedicated students stayed the course of the six week learning project and gave their presentations to a large community audience of over 150 people.  From Zig Ziglar, to John C. Maxwell-- the students studied the world's great thinkers and leaders, gleaned their strategies for success, applied the strategies to their own lives, and made a plan for their future.  It was a truly remarkable night!

Joseph was our guest speaker on Success Night 2012!

Former Alban student, Joseph, was our invited speaker on this magical night.  Joseph wowed the crowd with his heartfelt success message.  The crowd was mesmerized by this remarkable young man's depth of wisdom.  It is one speech that this Alban community will never forget!

Success Club Co-Founder, Jarred, speaks to the Alban Community

Jarred returns to Alban each year to speak to the students in the Success Project.  He is an inspiration to many!

Success Club Co-Founder, Hunter, speaks at Success Night 2012

As he does every year since moving on to middle school, Hunter speaks to the students and parents about the importance of using the success strategies in building a better life.  He speaks from the heart with so much wisdom!

Success Night 2012 Presenters

Success Project banner

Success Project 2010

The Success Project begins in February with a kickoff assembly at Alban Elementary School to motivate and inspire students!  The Fifth Grade Leadership Class is selected-- as in the world of work-- by written application and personal interview.  Students who are the most hungry to learn and the most driven to change their lives for the better are admitted to the class.


Success students read over a large selection of ideas and quotes by the world's great leaders and thinkers.  Students select the words and ideas that intrigue them most.  Students then find out the author of their quotes and embark upon a study of their lives.  Students conduct research and glean the strategies their person used to overcome obstacles and achieve success.  Students give thought to their own futures, chart their own journeys, set goals, and apply the success wisdom to their own lives.  On Success Night, students present their findings to a large audience of families, educators, business leaders, community members, and the press.  It is always a night that we will never forget!  Please click on our Success Night link for more details.

A Loving Tribute:

Hanna Mann

August 18, 1999 - July 21, 2012


McKinley Middle School students Alana Nichols and Madison Brown painted this beautiful tile in honor of their friend, Hanna Mann.  Hanna was a member of the Alban Success Project 2010. She gave a remarkable speech that night that we all will remember for a very long time.  Hanna was a leader who led with quiet confidence and strength.  She inspired goodness and joy in others!  This tile will be placed in the ceiling of the Computer Lab at McKinley Middle School as a reminder of Hanna's life and of her passing to a better place.  She is an angel now.  We love and miss you, Hanna! 

West Virginia Schools Chief, Dr. Steve Paine, Gets Involved in the First Success Project 2008

Dr. Paine and Success Student Ryan Broderick

Big Names With Big Hearts Lend A Hand To The Success Project

        Governor Joe Manchin III                                   Verizon President B. Keith Fulton

        talks with Ryan Broderick                                 takes Ryan Broderick under his wing

Jarred, age 11

The Most Exciting Day of My Lfe

I am sure many of you American citizens reading this have had a very exciting day.  Maybe you got a puppy or a parrot.  Well, that isn't what my story is going to be, so listen up!


The date was February 23, 2010.  One month earlier, I had enrolled in the Success Project and made it.  But that isn't the thing, so just wait, okay?  Anyway, a bunch of quotes were laid on a table and I picked up the one that read, "See you at the top!"  It was a quote by Zig Ziglar, and so that is the person I got to research and study during the project.


After two weeks, I got up the nerve to send Mr. Ziglar an email-- and so, I did.  I asked him for an interview for my talk show, Success Talk with Jarred and Samantha, and I invited him to come to Success Night at our school.  He didn't answer, but one of his office workers did.  After over 22 emails back and forth, I finally got the word.  I was given the chance to interview Mr. Ziglar's daughter, to get an audio file of Zig's uplifting message, and to get a handwritten letter from Zig himself!


As soon as I got the email, I screamed in joy and excitement!  My friend Sammie fell on the floor (literally); I kept screaming; the dogs started barking; and I tripped over Sammie while trying to get my mom!  We all scrambled to find my mom's cell phone so we could call my teacher, Ms. Brown.  She almost cried in excitement during the 15 minute phone conversation with Sammie and me.  She could tell that I cannot wait for the interview with Zig Ziglar's company!


From this experience, I have learned that dreaming big and working hard will take you far!  See you at the top!