Lessons from the Rocking Chair:

Timeless Stories

for Teaching Character (1997) 

ISBN 0-9653163-3-5

70 pages



Deb's first book builds on the childhood stories that Maw Great told from her rocking chair.  The timeless wisdom of the generations was passed down through these stories which always included a moral lesson.  Deb has shared the wisdom in twenty-four thoughtful essays that will touch your life.  This is the little book that keeps on selling.  After thirteen years in print, this little book continues to warm the hearts of readers everywhere! 

Lessons from the Beach Chair:

Nature's Wisdom

for Teaching Character (2000)

ISBN 1-892056-05-4

88 pages



Deb's second book is vintage Deb.  It showcases her personal relationship with the sea.  Deb's intimate essays give thought to life's meaning and purpose.  Nature's character message is clear if we take the time to look for the message of each new day.  If we watch and listen, listen and watch-- we will learn the wisdom of the sea.  Deb's book contains twenty-four meaningful essays that will have you in thoughts as deep as the ocean.  You will be uplifted in wonderful ways!


Growing Character:

99 Successful Strategies

for the Elementary Classroom (2003)

ISBN 1-892056-25-9

170 pages



Deb's third book is built on her life in the classroom.  For thirty-three years, Deb has shared the character message with her students.  Teaching them to be both smart and good-- and helping them to achieve their potential has been her life's work.  This book chronicles her journey with students and has heartfelt stories, letters from kids, strategies for building climate and curriculum, and over four hundred character quotes.  It is a must for teachers who want to cultivate the character climate and inspire goodness and greatness in their students!

The Success Strategies:

99 Timeless Strategies

for Life's Journey (2010)

ISBN 978-0-9844479-0-9

240 pages



Deb's fourth book is a culmination of her own lifetime of study.  As a child, she read biographies of great thinkers and leaders and wrote down their ideas and strategies for success.  Her bookshelves are lined with notebooks containing quotes and notes.  For the last nineteen years, Deb has read all of the success books, character books, and personal development literature that she could get her hands on.  She took notes and lived by them.  It is this intensive, personal lifetime of study that has brought forth her groundbreaking book.


Inspiring and motivating students to cultivate their character and to achieve their potential has been Deb's duty and honor.  Deb's success strategies have been learned and lived, and now they are being passed on.  These strategies will help students, parents, teachers, business leaders, and community members on their journeys to personal, academic, and professional excellence.  Deb's success book has the potential to bring out the best in all of us.  Read it and be changed!  Get ready to sail over the horizon in life to a successful future!

More Lessons from the Beach Chair:

Nature's Wisdom for Life's Journey (2013)

ISBN 978-0-9844479-4-7

96 pages



Deb's fifth book just naturally evolved from her time spent near the sea.  When Deb is at the shore, she always learns something new.  More Lessons from the Beach Chair is a continuation of Deb's seaside journey learning nature's best lessons.  The timeless wisdom in this little book will warm the hearts of beach-lovers everywhere!  It is a great book for tucking inside your beach bag or keeping on your desk or bedside table.  The uplifting messages will stay with you long after you walk the seashores of life.  Deb's beach books make great gifts for friends and family!

Even More Lessons from the Beach Chair:

Seaside Wisdom for Life's Journey (2019)

ISBN 978-0-9844479-7-8

96 pages



Deb's sixth book is the third book in her beach chair trilogy.  The timeless wisdom in this book will light your way in life.  Tuck this book in your beach bag to read while at the seashore-- or keep it on your desk or bedside table for a quick read each day.  Each lesson is just a two-page read, so in just minutes you will be uplifted, inspired, reflective, and renewed in wonderful ways!